Expanding 21st Century Global Green Market

DC Symposium on Green Energy April 7th & 8th

The WGES is known for attracting multi-discipline audience which includes, investors, lenders, program officers, buyers, contracting officials in industry and government along with a showcase by top innovators of products, services as well as the leading researchers, manufacturers, and scientific experts in new and alternative energy as well as those making advances in existing energy all joined together under one roof to connect, exchange and inform.

The partnerships and participating agencies include local, state and federal agencies, academia, industry, chambers of commerce, environmental, economic organizations and delegates.

The agenda is carefully developed by a council of leading professors, industry, and government agency experts. The Symposium attracts the top echelon speakers who are leading subject matter experts including Nobel laureates, top industry leaders, top officials, published scientists & educators.

Help your organization, agency or business 21st Century Global Market.   Join us at the World Green Energy Symposium. Enter CODE 16 and receive 10% off all registration fees.


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